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Basis of tax levy on cigarettes.

Any excise, license, privilege, or other tax levied on the sale of cigarettes by any county or municipal government within the State of Alabama shall be levied on the basis of a millage rate per cigarette, in a manner similar to the method of specifying the tax levied on cigarettes by subdivision (8) of subsection (a) of Section 40-25-2, except where such taxing authority has levied a per package tax on cigarettes without any distinction as to the amount of cigarettes per package. This provision does not specify or limit the rate or amount of tax which may be levied on cigarettes by such county or municipal government. This provision is not to be construed as limiting or extending the taxing authority of any county or municipal government but rather this section specifies the manner in which such taxing authority may be exercised by the county or municipal government for the protection of the tax revenues accruing to the state and said county or municipal government, and for the protection of the public welfare, health, peace and morals of the people of this state.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-309, p. 684, §3.)

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