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AS 43.50.040

Expiration of licenses.

A license issued under AS 43.50.010 or 43.50.035 expires on June 30 following the date of issue. If a license is revoked, or the business for which the license is issued changes ownership or the licensee changes the place of business from the premises covered by the license, the licensee shall immediately return the license to the department. If the licensee moves the business to another location in the state, the license shall, upon the payment of a fee of 50 cents, be reissued for the new location for the balance of the unexpired term. Before a license issued under AS 43.50.010 or 43.50.035 expires, the licensee may apply to renew the license for one year from the expiration date of the license. The renewal fee required by AS 43.50.030 must accompany the application. The department shall adopt reasonable regulations that it considers necessary regarding the renewal of licenses.

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