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AS 43.50.520

Stamp required before sale, distribution, or consumption.

(a) Except as provided in AS 43.50.580, a licensee or the authorized agent or designee of the licensee shall affix a stamp, in the manner required by AS 43.50.510, to each package of cigarettes immediately upon the opening of the shipping container containing the package and before sale, distribution, or consumption in this state.

(b) Except as provided in AS 43.50.580 and 43.50.610, a person may not engage in the following activities in this state unless the package containing the cigarettes is affixed with the required stamp:
(1) sell or distribute cigarettes to a person who is a consumer in this state;
(2) acquire, hold, own, possess, or transport cigarettes for sale or distribution in this state;
(3) import or cause to be imported cigarettes into this state for sale, distribution, or consumption; or
(4) place or store cigarette packages in a vending machine in this state.

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