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Licensee as wholesaler and retailer.

(a) A person who is licensed as a wholesaler and as a retailer shall maintain wholesale and retail stocks in separate buildings. However, this subsection shall not apply if stamps denoting payment of the tax on the wholesale stocks and the retail stocks of cigarettes are properly affixed.

(b) Every wholesaler who maintains a business as a retailer shall keep a record of his or her wholesale operations showing the amount of stamps purchased, if any, and all purchases from whatever source, and all sales whether to himself or herself as retailer or to another. This record shall be subject to inspection by the Department of Finance and Administration and the Arkansas Tobacco Control Board.

(c) Records shall be kept on forms prescribed by the Director of the Department of Finance and Administration.

(d) If a wholesaler refuses to keep the records required by or to comply with this section, the Director of Arkansas Tobacco Control may revoke all permits that have been issued to the wholesaler.

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