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Prohibited acts - penalties

(1) It is unlawful for any distributor to sell and distribute any tobacco products in this state without a license as required in section 39-28.5-104, or to willfully make any false or fraudulent return or false statement on any return, or to willfully evade the payment of the tax, or any part thereof, as imposed by this article. Any distributor or agent thereof who willfully violates any provision of this article shall be punished as provided by section 39-21-118.

(2) (a) If a person neglects or refuses to make a return as required by this article and no amount of tax is due, the executive director of the department shall impose a penalty in the amount of twenty-five dollars.

(b) If a person fails to pay the tax in the time allowed in section 39-28.5-106 (2), a penalty equal to ten percent of such tax plus one-half of one percent per month from the date when due, not to exceed eighteen percent in the aggregate, together with interest on such delinquent taxes at the rate computed under section 39-21-110.5, shall apply.

(c) In computing and assessing the penalty, penalty interest, and interest pursuant to paragraph (b) of this subsection (2), the executive director of the department may make an estimate, based upon such information as may be available, of the amount of taxes due for the period for which the taxpayer is delinquent.

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