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Apply for State Tobacco Licenses

Part II Tax on Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes or Cigar

210.25 Definitions

210.276 Surcharge on Tobacco Products

210.30 Tax on Tobacco Products; Exemptions

210.31 Payment of Taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer

210.35 Distributor's License Required; Application; Out-of-State Applicant

210.40 License Fees; Surety Bond; Application for Each Place of Business

210.405 Initial Temporary Permits for Other Tobacco Products

210.45 Issuance, Epiration, and Display of Licenses; License not Transferable

210.50 Revocation or Suspension of License

210.51 Renewal of Permit

210.55 Distributors; Monthly Returns

210.60 Books, Records, and Invoices to be Kept and Preserved; Inspection by Agents of Division

210.65 Penalties for Tax Evasion

210.67 Refunds

210.70 Disposition of Funds

210.75 Administration

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