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Preservation of invoices

Each person engaged as a wholesaler or retailer in the sale, use or consumption of tobacco, shall keep and preserve separately from all other invoices, for a period of three (3) years, all invoices of tobacco and of stamps bought by him, and shall permit the commissioner to inspect and examine all merchandise, invoices, books, papers and memoranda as may be necessary in ascertaining whether or not the tax levied herein has been paid, or to determine the amount of such tax that may be due, or due and unpaid. The failure of any person required to pay the tax herein levied, to preserve said invoices as above provided, or to permit the inspection and examination of merchandise, invoices, books, papers and memoranda, at the request of the commissioner, or his authorized agent, shall be deemed a violation of this chapter, and the commissioner may revoke the permit issued to such person as provided under Section 27-69-5 of this chapter, and also punishable as hereinafter set out. And the record of said invoices shall be open for inspection by the commissioner for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this chapter.

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