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69-65. Commissioner to administer provisions of this chapter

The commissioner shall administer the provisions of this chapter, and shall have the power to issue rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter, or of the Constitution of this state, or of the Constitution of the United States.

The commissioner shall enforce the payment of the taxes herein imposed, and he shall have the power without warrant to enter upon the premises of any taxpayer, including any building, store room, vehicle, or place, other than his actual place of residence, used in connection with his business, and to examine, or cause to be examined, any stock of merchandise, books, papers, records or memoranda bearing upon the amount of taxes payable, and to secure other information directly or indirectly concerned in the enforcement of this chapter. It shall be the duty of the commissioner to purchase out of appropriations provided for that purpose, and at the lowest price possible, quality and convenience of delivery being considered, and to keep on hand for sale in his office, or some other safe depository, at all times a sufficient and adequate supply of stamps in requisite denominations.

The commissioner shall keep an accurate account of all stamps coming into his custody, and shall be liable for the face value of all stamps sold, shipped, or otherwise disposed of by him; provided, that the commissioner shall sell the stamps only to dealers holding permits issued under the provisions of this chapter. The moneys received from the sale of said stamps shall be paid into the state treasury, as provided by law. And in case of dealers, proper accounting shall be deemed to have been made when the prescribed application, together with acceptable remittance for the amount of the stamps to be used, have been received and accepted by the commissioner; and in the case of the commission, the liability shall extend to the sureties on his bond and be recoverable as such.

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