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AS 43.50.170


In AS 43.50.010 - 43.50.180, unless the context otherwise requires,
(1) "buyer" means a person who imports or acquires cigarettes for the person's own consumption from any source other than a manufacturer, distributor, direct-buying retailer, retailer, or wholesaler-distributor;
(2) "cigarette" means a roll for smoking of any size or shape, made wholly or partly of tobacco, whether the tobacco is flavored, adulterated, or mixed with another ingredient, if the wrapper or cover of the roll is made of paper or a material other than tobacco;
(3) "direct-buying retailer" means a person who is engaged in the sale of cigarettes at retail in this state and who brings cigarettes or causes cigarettes to be brought into the state that are not purchased from a wholesaler-distributor;
(4) "distributor" means a person who brings cigarettes that are not purchased from a wholesaler-distributor, or has cigarettes that are not purchased from a wholesaler-distributor brought, into the state, and who sells or distributes at least 75 percent of the cigarettes to others for resale in the state;
(5) "licensee" means a person licensed under AS 43.50.010 - 43.50.180;
(6) "manufacturer" means a person who makes, fashions, or produces cigarettes for sale to distributors or other persons;
(7) "person" includes an individual, company, partnership, limited liability partnership, joint venture, joint agreement, limited liability company, association, mutual or otherwise, corporation, estate, trust, business trust, receiver, trustee, syndicate, or political subdivision of this state, or combination acting as a unit;
(8) "place of business" means a place where cigarettes are sold, or where cigarettes are brought or kept for the purpose of sale or consumption, including a vessel, vehicle, airplane, or train;
(9) "retailer" means a person in the state who is engaged in the business of selling cigarettes at retail;
(10) "sale" includes a sale, barter, exchange, and every other manner of transferring the ownership of personal property;
(11) "tobacco product" has the meaning given in AS 43.50.390;
(12) "wholesaler-distributor" means a person outside this state who sells or distributes cigarettes into this state, who is not required to be licensed under AS 43.50.010, and who is licensed under AS 43.50.035.

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