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Apply for State Tobacco Licenses

Subchapter II Levy and Collection of Tax

5305 Levy of Tax, Limitation; Exemption

5306 Liability for Payment of Tax

5307 License for Sales of Tobacco Products

5308 License Charges

5309 Application for License

5310 Insurance of Licenses; Display

5311 Expiration of Licenses

5312 Replacement of Licenses

5313 Suspension or Revocation of License

5314 Transfer of License

5315 Tobacco Product Tax Stamps; Affixing;Amount;Cancellation

5316 Design and Sales of Stamps

5317 Time for Affixing Stamps;Reporting Requirements;Violation

5318 Appointment of Stamp Affixing Agents; Commission

5319 Alternate Method of Collection; Other Tobacco Products

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