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69-39. Liability of persons, carriers, etc

The provisions of this chapter shall extend and apply to every person using the public roads or highways, whether operating as common carrier, or contract carrier, or possessing, or transporting in this state any tobacco for delivery, sale or distribution, unless exempted hereunder. If such person is engaged in interstate commerce, he must have in his actual possession while engaged in transporting such tobacco, invoices or delivery tickets correctly disclosing the consignor and consignee of each and every item of tobacco being transported, provided that common carriers operating under the supervision of the interstate commerce commission, and having a permanent office, or place of business in this state where permanent and correct records are kept, are not required to have in the immediate possession of the person in charge of the vehicle, in which tobacco is being transported, such invoices or delivery tickets, but the records of such common carriers shall be open to the inspection of the commissioner, or any representative of the commissioner, at all reasonable times, for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to all tobacco transported into this state. The absence of such invoices or delivery tickets shall be prima facie evidence that such person is a dealer in tobacco in this state, and is subject to the provisions of this chapter.

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