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Tobacco Tax Consultants with 50+ Years of Collective Experience

Has your state revenue department contacted you about an audit? Most businesses are regularly and systematically audited by the state agency charged with administering its state tobacco taxes. Some states audit companies randomly, while others systematically audit all companies with a tobacco license every six months or annually. If you are facing a tax audit, it is important that you talk to an experienced tobacco tax consultant to make sure your business is not negatively affected.

Tobacco Tax Refund, Inc. offers a unique service to taxpayers all across the nation in that we almost exclusively represent taxpayers against state tobacco tax agencies. This is simply what we do. For decades, our lawyers and tax professionals have focused almost exclusively on tax controversy, with a heavy focus on tobacco products tax.

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The Importance of Hiring a Tax Consultant

A tobacco tax consultant can be beneficial for many reasons.

Here's what our tax consultants can do to help you during an audit:

  • The auditor will ask for all sorts of records that they are not necessarily entitled to have, such as an electronic copy of your whole accounting records (e.g. QuickBooks). However, it is important to know which records are required to be produced in your state and whether you are required to turn them over in electronic format.
  • The auditor will often also ask the taxpayer to sign all sorts of documents waiving certain rights that the taxpayer does not have to sign. How are you supposed to know which records are legally required and which records or questions warrant an objection? Do you know how to manage the audit to make sure the auditor is not on a wild goose chase over transactions that should never be subject to tax?
    Even companies that technically have done everything right can end up with serious complications on a tobacco tax audit because the auditor's job is to find tax liabilities - and they often are overzealous in their job. That is where we can help.
  • At the completion of an audit, the state often issues some form of an assessment. The assessment has a window in which it can be challenged, which is generally 60 days. If you feel the auditor was not acting according to reason (or his/her supervisors give orders to not let a certain issue go), then we are well trained in the art of protesting a tobacco tax assessment.

If you have already been through a tax audit and need to challenging a pending or issued Assessment, then CLICK HERE to learn more about challenging a tobacco tax assessment.

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Our mission is to help you get the refund you deserve.

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