Chapter 11 - Table of Sections | Georgia Tobacco Laws






Excise tax; rate on tobacco products; retail selling price before addition of tax; exemptions; collection and payment on first transaction; dealers or distributors; tax separately identified; collection


Collection of tax by stamps; sale at discount to distributors; basis of discount percentage; alternate method of collection of tax on cigars; prohibition of sale or exchange of stamps with another distributor; redemption


Licensing of persons engaged in tobacco business; initial and annual fees; suspension and revocation; registration and inspection of vending machines; bond by distributor; jurisdiction; licensing of promotional activities

48-11-5 Licensing of nonresident distributors; authorized use of stamps or metering machine; bond; amount; examination of records; service on agent; applicability of chapter to nonresident distributors; reports of shipments
48-11-6 Suspension, refusal of renewal, and revocation of licenses; notice; procedures for hearings; appeals; effect of suspension or refusal to renew on other activities by commissioner
48-11-7 Execution of bonds by distributor; surety
48-11-8 Prohibition of sale or possession of unstamped tobacco products; distributors to affix stamps or otherwise pay tax; payment of tax only once; reports
48-11-9 Seizure as contraband of unstamped tobacco products; exceptions; sale at public auction; procedure; disposition of proceeds; hearing; bond; contraband vending machines
48-11-10 Monthly reports of licensed distributors; contents; authority to require reports from common carriers, warehousemen, and others; penalty for failure to file timely report
48-11-11 Records of distributors and dealers; stock of tobacco products; inspection by commissioner and agents; inspection of records of transportation companies, carriers, and warehouses
48-11-12 Assessment of deficiencies and penalties for incorrect reports, nonpayment of tax, or purchase of insufficient stamps; assumption of illegal sale absent evidence to contrary; penalty for deficiency due to fraud
48-11-13 Tax on persons having tobacco products on which tax under Code Section 48-11-2 not paid; rate; exemptions
48-11-14 Registration, reports, and tax payments of persons acquiring tobacco products subject to tax under Code Section 48-11-13; assessment of tax due from person failing to file or filing incorrect report; hearing; penalties



48-11-15 Procedure for refund of taxes, cost price of affixed stamps, and tax on tobacco products unfit for sale, use, or consumption and destroyed or exported
48-11-16 Purchase of tax stamps on account by licensed distributors; permit; time of payment; bond; cancellation of permit without notice for failure or refusal to comply with Code section; annual payment of any liability outstanding
48-11-17 Amount of unpaid tax as lien against property of violators; seizure and sale; recording of lien
48-11-18 Procedure for hearing by persons aggrieved by action of commissioner; initiation of hearings by commissioner; production of evidence; appeals; bond; grounds for not sustaining commissioner's action; costs
48-11-19 Powers and duties of special agents and enforcement officers of department; bond; duties following arrests; retention of weapon and badge upon retirement
48-11-20 Venue as to violations of chapter; commissioner's certificate as prima-facie evidence
48-11-21 Jurisdiction of superior courts of criminal violations of chapter
48-11-22 Transportation of unstamped tobacco products; requirement of invoices or delivery tickets; contents; confiscation and disposition absent invoice or ticket; penalty; applicability
48-11-23 Transporting tobacco products in violation of Code Section 48-11-22; penalty
48-11-23.1 Additional requirements on the sale of tobacco products; seizure and forfeiture of contraband; revocation of licenses
48-11-24 Penalties for possession of unstamped tobacco products; penalty for operation of unlicensed business or activity; procedure for enforcement and collection of penalties; costs and expenses
48-11-25 Violations of chapter; penalties
48-11-26 Failure to file report or filing false report required by chapter; penalty
48-11-27 False entries on invoices or records pursuant to chapter; penalty
48-11-28 Possession, use, manufacture, or other unlawful activities involving counterfeited stamps or tampering with metering machine pursuant to chapter; penalty
48-11-30 Penalty for sale or possession of counterfeit cigarettes

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