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69-49. Refund on damaged goods; how obtained

  • (1) The commissioner may promulgate rules and regulations providing for refunds to dealers of the face value of stamps affixed to any cigarettes which have become unfit for use and consumption, unsalable, or for any other legitimate loss which may occur, upon proof of such loss. Refund is to be made by issuing new stamps of an aggregate value of the tax paid on the goods adjudged to be unfit for use, consumption, unsalable, or any other loss suffered.
  • (2) The proof of loss required to obtain a refund of the amount so authorized in subsection (1) of this section, shall be in a form prescribed by the commissioner and signed by the applicant under penalty of perjury, his agent or representative, or other person familiar with the facts relied upon, setting out in detail the facts and circumstances under which the loss occurred.
  • (3) The commissioner shall keep a permanent record of all such refunds made by him, in his office, and shall receive credit for such refunds.
  • (4) No cigarettes which have been adjudged unfit for use and consumption, or unsalable, shall again be offered for sale in this state, and any person selling or offering to sell, or to give away, any such cigarettes shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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