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69-69. Municipality privilege tax

Any municipality within this state, in which any business licensed under the provisions of this chapter, may be carried on, shall have the right to impose upon persons engaged in such business, an annual privilege tax of not more than fifty percent (50%) of the permit fee imposed by Section 27-69-7 of this chapter;  provided, however, that no person engaged in the wholesale sale, or distribution of cigars, cigarettes or smoking tobacco taxed by this chapter shall be taxed by any municipality other than that in which the warehouse or wholesale business is located.

§ 27-69-71. Appointment of agents

The commissioner shall appoint such agents as are authorized by law to administer the provisions of this chapter, and all such agents shall have for identification purposes, a badge prescribed by the commissioner, together with proper credentials signed by him and attested by the secretary of the commission.

It shall be unlawful for any person to falsely represent himself as an agent of the commissioner, or to have in his possession any badge, any device or certificate of authority, unless he be duly appointed and an acting agent of the commissioner in the administration of this chapter, and such person violating this provision, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
All agents of the commissioner shall be authorized to arrest any person found in possession of, or transporting any tobacco subject to confiscation, and upon making an arrest shall take the offender before a proper officer without unnecessary delay, for examination of his case.

§ 27-69-73. Rules and regulations

The commissioner is hereby empowered to make such rules and regulations, and provide such procedural measures, in cooperation with the state auditor, as shall bring into effect the purposes of this chapter.

§ 27-69-75. Payment into treasury

All taxes levied by this chapter shall be payable to the commissioner in cash, or by personal check, cashier's check, bank exchange, post-office money order or express money order, and shall be deposited by the commissioner in the State Treasury on the same day collected.  No remittance other than cash shall be a final discharge of liability for the tax herein assessed and levied, unless and until it has been paid in cash to the commissioner.
All tobacco taxes collected, including tobacco license taxes, shall be deposited into the State Treasury to the credit of the General Fund.
Wholesalers who are entitled to purchase stamps at a discount, as provided by Section 27-69-31 , may have consigned to them, without advance payment, such stamps, if and when such wholesaler shall give to the commissioner a good and sufficient bond executed by some surety company authorized to do business in this state, conditioned to secure the payment for the stamps so consigned.  The commissioner shall require payment for such stamps not later than thirty (30) days from the date the stamps were consigned.

§ 27-69-77. Commissioner's records

At the end of each month, the State Auditor shall carefully check the books and records of the commissioner and his accounts with any bank or banks, and shall verify the amounts paid into the state treasury, in so far as they relate to the collection of this privilege tax; and any duty herein required of the state auditor may be performed by any clerk in his office, designated by the state auditor for that purpose.

§ 27-69-79. Reciprocity of provisions

Nonresident tobacco dealers obtaining a license or permit as provided by Section 27-69-7 in addition to meeting the requirements as provided by the Tobacco Tax Law, Chapter 69, Title 27, Mississippi Code of 1972, shall comply with any additional requirements imposed by their state of domicile on Mississippi dealers licensed to do business in that state pertaining to shipments, storage, license fees or any other requirements other than payment of excise taxes.

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