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Article III. Imposition of Tax

§ 54:40A-8. Tax imposed; rate

A tax is hereby imposed on the sale, use or possession for sale or use within this State of all cigarettes at the rate of $0.135 for each cigarette.

§ 54:40A-9. Sales to the State and political subdivisions of the State

The taxes imposed by this act are hereby levied upon any sales of cigarettes made to the State Government or any department, institution, or agency thereof, and to the political subdivisions of this State, and their departments, institutions, and agencies.

§ 54:40A-9.1. Sales by licensed manufacturers to licensed distributors

No tax imposed by this act shall be levied upon cigarettes in possession of licensed manufacturers prior to delivery to duly licensed distributors or on the sale of cigarettes made by licensed manufacturers to duly licensed distributors.

§ 54:40A-10. Sales exempt from taxes

No tax imposed by this act shall be levied upon cigarettes or the sale of cigarettes which this State is prohibited from taxing under the Constitution or the statutes of the United States or where an authorized agent of the United States Veterans Administration purchases cigarettes from donations for free distribution to and for consumption by hospitalized veterans housed in State institutions.

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