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§ 54:40A-20. Power of director to administer act

The director is hereby authorized and empowered to administer and enforce the provisions of this act and in pursuance thereof to make and enforce such rules and regulations as he may deem necessary.

§ 54:40A-21. State Tax Uniform Procedure Law applicable

The provisions of the State Tax Uniform Procedure Law, R.S. 54:48-1 et seq., shall be applicable to the administration of this act.

Every person shall, by the acceptance of a license issued under this act, be deemed to have consented to the procedures set forth in the said State Tax Uniform Procedure Law and to the jurisdiction of the tax court.

§ 54:40A-22. Power to appoint assistants; special agents; powers

The director may, subject to the provisions of Title 11 of the Revised Statutes, as amended and supplemented, appoint a State supervisor to assist him in the administration of this act and such other assistants as he may deem necessary, and may establish, equip, and maintain one or more offices at such places in this State as he shall determine.

The director may appoint certain of such assistants as special agents to aid him in the enforcement of this act. Special agents shall carry credentials issued by the director identifying them in that capacity, are declared to be peace officers and are empowered to arrest without warrant any person who violates the provisions of this act in their presence. Special agents are empowered to seize and take possession of any counterfeit stamps, counterfeit impression devices or cigarettes which are unlawfully possessed and any vehicle, vessel, vending machine or other receptacle in which they are found which is subject to confiscation under this act.

§ 54:40A-23. Records to be kept by taxpayer; inventories

Every taxpayer shall keep complete and accurate records of all sales. The kind and form of such records may be prescribed by the director and all records shall be so kept as to be adequate to enable him to determine the tax liability. The director or any authorized assistant may, during reasonable business hours and without prior notice, make or cause to be made physical inventories and examinations of all cigarettes stamped or unstamped and records in the possession of any taxpayer. All such records shall be safely preserved for a period of 3 years in such a manner to insure their security and accessibility for inspection by the director, supervisor or any authorized assistant engaged in the administration of this act. The director may consent to the destruction of any such records at any time within said period.

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