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§ 205.433. Administration of tax; rules; forms; additional taxes; appointment of special investigator.

Sec. 13.  (1) The tax imposed by this act shall be administered by the revenue commissioner pursuant to Act No. 122 of the Public Acts of 1941, being sections 205.1 to 205.31 of the Michigan Compiled Laws , and this act.  In case of conflict between Act No. 122 of the Public Acts of 1941 and this act, the provisions of this act control.
(2) The revenue commissioner may promulgate rules to implement this act pursuant to the administrative procedures act of 1969, Act No. 306 of the Public Acts of 1969, being sections 24.201 to 24.328 of the Michigan Compiled Laws .
(3) The department shall prescribe forms for use by taxpayers.
(4) The tax imposed by this act is in addition to all other taxes for which the taxpayer may be liable.
(5) The commissioner may appoint any revenue division employee as a special investigator, who shall be vested with the power to arrest a person violating this act.

§ 205.434. Requirements or prohibitions imposed by local units of government.

Sec. 14. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, beginning on the effective date of this act, a city, township, village, county, other local unit of government, or political subdivision of this state shall not impose any new requirement or prohibition pertaining to the sale or licensure of tobacco products for distribution purposes. This section does not invalidate or otherwise restrict a requirement or prohibition described in this section existing on the effective date of this act.

§ 205.435. Repeal of MCL §§ 205.501to 205.522.

Sec. 15.  (1) Act No. 265 of the Public Acts of 1947, being sections 205.501 to 205.522 of the Michigan Compiled Laws , is repealed effective May 1, 1994.
(2) The provisions of Act No. 265 of the Public Acts of 1947, being sections 205.501 to 205.522 of the Michigan Compiled Laws , shall remain in effect for criminal liability and the collection and enforcement of the payment of any tax, fee, penalty, or interest due and payable under that act for any period in which that act was in effect prior to its repeal.

§ 205.436. Conditional effective date.

Sec. 16.  This act shall not take effect unless Senate Joint Resolution S is submitted to the voters and the following bills are enacted into law:
(a) House Bill No. 5109.
(b) House Bill No. 5110.
(c) House Bill No. 5116.
(d) House Bill No. 5009.
(e) House Bill No. 5010.
(f) House Bill No. 5118.
(g) House Bill No. 5097.
(h) House Bill No. 5123.
(i) House Bill No. 4279.
(j) House Bill No. 5102.
(k) House Bill No. 5103.
(l) House Bill No. 5106.
(m) House Bill No. 5111.
(n) House Bill No. 5115.
(o) House Bill No. 5112.
(p) House Bill No. 5120.
(q) House Bill No. 5129.
(r) House Bill No. 5224.

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