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57-36-28. Consumer's use tax--Cigars, pipe tobacco, and other tobacco products--Reports--Remittances

1. A tax is imposed upon the use or storage by consumers of cigars, pipe tobacco, and other tobacco products in this state, and upon those consumers, at the rates indicated in section 57-36-25 .
2. This tax does not apply if the tax imposed by section 57-36-25 or 57-36-26 has been paid and it does not apply to cigars, pipe tobacco, or other tobacco products exempt under section 57-36-24 .
3. On or before the tenth day of each calendar quarter, every consumer who, during the preceding calendar quarter, has acquired title to or possession of cigars, pipe tobacco, or other tobacco products for use or storage in this state, upon which products the tax imposed by either section 57-36-25 or 57-36-26 has not been paid, shall file a return with the tax commissioner showing the quantity of such products so acquired.  For sales of other tobacco products, the return must also include the net weight in ounces, as listed by the manufacturer.  The return must be made upon a form furnished and prescribed by the tax commissioner and must contain such other information as the tax commissioner may require.  The return must be accompanied by a remittance for the full unpaid tax liability shown by it.
4. As soon as practicable after any return is filed, the tax commissioner shall examine the return and correct it, if necessary, according to the tax commissioner's best judgment and information.
5. If any consumer required to pay the tax levied by this section fails to file a return or remit the tax as required, the tax commissioner shall make an assessment of tax against the consumer according to the tax commissioner's best judgment and information.
6. All of the provisions of this chapter relating to corrections of returns, deficiency assessments, protests, hearings, interest and penalties, and collections of taxes apply to consumers under this section.

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