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AS 43.50.130


(a) A licensee shall keep a complete and accurate record of all cigarettes manufactured, purchased, or acquired. The records, except in the case of a manufacturer, must include a written statement containing the name and address of the seller and the purchaser, the date of delivery, the quantity of cigarettes, the trade name and brand, and the price paid for each brand of cigarettes purchased. The licensee shall keep such other records as the department prescribes. All statements and records required by this section shall be in the form prescribed by the department, shall be preserved for three years, and shall be offered for inspection upon demand by the department.

(b) A licensee may not issue or accept a written statement that falsely indicates the name of the customer, the type of merchandise, the price, the discounts, or the terms of sale.

(c) Where an invoice is given or accepted by a licensee
(1) a statement that makes the invoice a false record of the transaction may not be inserted in the invoice; and
(2) a statement that should be included in the invoice may not be omitted from the invoice if the invoice does not reflect the transaction involved without the statement.

(d) An invoice for the sale of cigarettes given or accepted by a licensee under this chapter must state whether the taxes imposed by this chapter have been paid.

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