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AS 43.50.630

Monthly reports; records retention; inspection of records.

(a) On or before the last day of each calendar month, a licensee shall file the following information for each place of business with the department, on a form or in a format prescribed by the department:
(1) the quantity and brands of cigarettes manufactured, imported, acquired, or sold in the state during the preceding calendar month;
(2) the number and dollar amount of stamps
(A) purchased during the preceding calendar month;
(B) affixed to cigarette packages during the preceding calendar month;
(C) not affixed to cigarette packages and on hand at the end of the preceding calendar month; and
(D) refunded or credited to a licensee under AS 43.50.590; and
(3) any other information that the department requires to carry out its duties under this chapter.

(b) If a licensee ceases to manufacture, import, acquire, or sell cigarettes in this state, the licensee shall immediately file the form required under (a) of this section with the department, for the period ending with the cessation.

(c) All statements and other records required by AS 43.50.500 - 43.50.700 must be
(1) in a form or format prescribed by the department;
(2) preserved by a licensee for a period of three years; and
(3) available for inspection at any time upon oral or written demand by the department or its authorized agent.

(d) A summary of information filed under (a) of this section shall be prepared by the department and released to the public upon request.

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