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Refunds -- Limitations – Interest

(1) Where there has been an overpayment of any cigarette tax imposed by this chapter, the amount of such overpayment shall be credited against any taxes then due to the state tax commission from the taxpayer and any balance of such excess shall be refunded to the taxpayer.

(2) No such credit or refund of taxes, penalties or interest paid, shall be allowed or made after three (3) years from the time the return was filed, unless before the expiration of such period a claim therefor is filed by the taxpayer with the commission.

(3) Interest shall be allowed on the amount of such credits or refunds at the rate provided in section 63-3045, Idaho Code, from the date such tax was paid.

(4) If the state tax commission denies a claim for refund in whole or in part, it shall provide notice of the denial and the claimant may petition the state tax commission for a redetermination of the denial in the manner provided in section 63-3045, Idaho Code. Appeal of a tax commission decision denying in whole or in part a claim for refund shall be made in accordance with and within the time limits prescribed in section 63-3049, Idaho Code.

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