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Payment of tax -- Returns -- Accounting for stamps

(1) The cigarette taxes imposed in section 63-2506, Idaho Code , are due from the person required under section 63-2508, Idaho Code , to affix stamps, and are payable to the state tax commission monthly, together with the return required in this section.
(2) Every person owing cigarette taxes and every wholesaler shall file a return with the state tax commission in such form as the commission shall prescribe. The return shall report all taxes due regarding cigarettes received during the month or other reporting period, approved by the state tax commission, to which the return relates. The return shall contain such other information as the state tax commission shall require, and shall be signed by the person required to file the return or by such person's duly authorized agent. The return shall be filed on or before the twentieth day of the month following the end of the taxable period to which the return relates.
(3) The amount allowed as compensation for affixing stamps under section 63-2509, Idaho Code , shall be separately stated on the return as a credit against taxes due on the return.
(4) In addition to reporting the tax due as provided in this section, the return shall provide an accounting of all cigarette stamps acquired, held, and affixed by the wholesaler. The return shall include:
(a) The number of stamps which were held at the beginning of the reporting period and were not affixed to packages;
(b) The number of stamps acquired during the reporting period;
(c) The number of stamps affixed to packages during the reporting period;
(d) The number of unaffixed stamps held at the end of the reporting period; and
(e) The number, if any, of stamps lost or destroyed. If stamps are lost or destroyed, a statement describing the circumstances giving rise to the loss or destruction shall accompany the return.
(5) In the event that any stamps obtained by a wholesaler are lost, destroyed, or otherwise unaccounted for, the wholesaler shall be liable for an amount of tax equal to the tax on the number of cigarettes to which such stamps would have been affixed, unless the wholesaler can establish, by clear and convincing evidence, that a specific number of stamps were actually destroyed or mutilated in such a manner as to render them unusable.
(6) In the event that a wholesaler or any other person in possession of unused cigarette stamps shall cease doing business as a wholesaler of cigarettes, such wholesaler or other person shall return all unused stamps to the state tax commission or shall be liable for an amount of tax equal to the tax on the number of cigarettes to which such stamps would have been affixed.
(7) A wholesaler may claim a credit against taxes due on the tax return for taxes previously paid on cigarettes, which after stamps are affixed, become unmarketable and are returned to the manufacturer. When such return is verified in such manner as the state tax commission may, by rule provide, the credit applies to the tax return for the month in which the verification occurs; except that, any amount of credit exceeding the tax due on the tax return may be carried forward to the succeeding tax return, in chronological order until exhausted.
(8) Taxes paid on cigarettes sold on or after January 1, 2000, on accounts later found to be worthless and actually charged-off may be credited upon a subsequent payment of the tax on cigarettes or, if no such tax is due, refunded. If all or part of such an account is thereafter collected, the tax shall be paid based upon the proportion of the amount collected.

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