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862. Importation of unstamped articles, except by common carrier, without permit prohibited

A. (1) It is unlawful for any person to ship or transport or cause to be shipped or transported into this state by any automobile, truck, boat, conveyance, vehicle, or any means of transportation other than a common carrier of any article or articles on which the tax is levied by this Chapter upon which article or articles the tax as levied by this Chapter has not been paid, without first obtaining a permit from the collector, authorizing the transportation, carriage or movement in this state of the article or articles taxed under this Chapter.
(2) A common carrier may possess and transport unstamped cigarettes in connection with a sale or other transfer permitted under this Chapter if the common carrier has in its possession documents establishing that title to the unstamped cigarettes remains with the manufacturer, importer, or stamping agent or bills of lading or other shipping documents establishing that it is delivering the cigarettes on behalf of a person authorized by this Chapter to sell or transfer the unstamped cigarettes and, in each case, such documents shall list the name and address of the person to whom the cigarettes are being delivered.
B. (1) The person or dealer who desires to import tobacco into this state, upon which a tax has not been paid, by vehicles other than a common carrier, must apply to the collector for a permit, stating the name of the driver, the make and number of the vehicle, the date, name, and address of the consignee, and any other information the collector may deem necessary;  provided that, failure to obtain a permit as provided in this Section shall render the automobile, truck, boat, conveyance, vehicle, or other means of transportation so transporting any said article or articles subject to seizure and forfeiture and sale in the manner hereinafter provided.
(2) Any person or dealer transporting tobacco pursuant to this Subsection shall report the quantity and brand of the cigarettes to the collector and to the attorney general and the taxing authority of the other state by the twentieth day of the month following the month in which the transfer was made.

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