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Subdivision 1. Interest rate.  When interest is required under this section, interest is computed at the rate specified in section 270C.40 .

Subd. 2. Late payment.  If a tax under this chapter is not paid within the time named by law for payment, the unpaid tax bears interest from the date the tax should have been paid until the date the tax is paid.

Subd. 3. Extensions.  When an extension of time for payment has been granted, interest must be paid from the date the payment should have been made, if no extension had been granted, until the date the tax is paid.

Subd. 4. Additional assessments.  When a taxpayer is liable for additional taxes because of a redetermination by the commissioner, or for any other reason, the additional taxes bear interest from the time the tax should have been paid, without regard to an extension allowed, until the date the tax is paid.

Subd. 5. Erroneous refunds.  In the case of an erroneous refund, interest begins to accrue from the date the refund was paid unless the erroneous refund results from a mistake of the commissioner, in which case no interest or penalty is imposed, unless the deficiency assessment is not satisfied within 60 days of the order.

Subd. 6. Interest on judgments.  Notwithstanding section 549.09 , if judgment is entered in favor of the commissioner with regard to any tax under this chapter, the judgment bears interest at the rate given in section 270C.40 from the date the judgment is entered until the date of payment.

Subd. 7. Interest on penalties. (a) A penalty imposed under section 297F.19, subdivisions 2 to 7 , bears interest from the date provided in section 270C.40, subdivision 3 , to the date of payment of the penalty.

(b) A penalty not included in paragraph (a) bears interest only if it is not paid within ten days from the date of the notice.  In that case interest is imposed from the date of notice to the date of payment.

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