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Apply for State Tobacco Licenses

Part 1 Tax on Cigarette

210.01 Tax on Cigarettes

210.011 Definitions

210.02 Cigarette Surcharge Levied; Collection

210.21 Cigarette Tax Imposed; Collection

210.03 Payment of Taxes by Certified Check or Electronic Funds Transfer

210.04 Prohibition Against Levying of Cigarette Taxes by Municipalities

210.05 Preparation and Sales of Stamps; Discount

210.06 Affixation of Stamps; Presumption

210.07 Machines

210.08 Bond for Payment of Taxes

210.085 Transactions Only with Permitted Manufacturers, Importers, Distributing Agents,

210.09 Records to be Kept; Reports to be Made; Examination

210.095 Mail Order, Internet, and Remote Sales of Tobacco Products; Age Verification

210.10 General Powers of the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

210.11 Refunds; Sales of Stamps and Payment of Tax

210.12 Seizure; Forfeiture Proceedings

210.13 Determination of Tax on Failure to File a Return

210.14 Warrant for Collection of Taxes

210.15 Permits

210.151 Intial Temporary Cigarette Permits

210.16 Revocation or Suspension of Permit

210.1605 Renewal of Permit

210.161 Examination of Records

210.18 Penalties for Tax Evasion; Reports by Sheriff

210.1801 Exempt Cigarettes for Members of Recognized Indian Tribes

210.181 Civil Penalties

210.185 Prohibition on Sales or Distribution of Cigarettes; Criminal Penalties; Administrative Sanctions; Applicability

210.19 Records to be Kept by Division

210.20 Employees and Assistants; Distribution of Funds

210.201 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Facilities; Establishment; Funding

210.22 Declaration of Legislative Intent

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