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210.35 Distributor’s license required; application; out-of-state applicant

(1) No person shall engage in the business of selling or dealing in tobacco products as a distributor in any place of business in this state without first having received a license from the division to engage in such business at the place of business. Every application for such license shall be made on a form prescribed by the division and shall state the name and address of the applicant; if the applicant is a firm, partnership, or association, the name and address of each of its members; if the applicant is a corporation, the name and address of each of its officers; the address of its principal place of business; the place where the business to be licensed is to be conducted; and such other information as the division may require for the purpose of the administration of this part.
(2) A person outside this state who ships or transports tobacco products to retailers in this state, to be sold by those retailers, may make application for license as a distributor, be granted such a license by the division, and thereafter be subject to all the provisions of this part and entitled to act as a licensed distributor.

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