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79-3303. Licenses and permits;  requirements relating to vending machines

(a) Each person engaged in the business of selling cigarettes or electronic cigarettes in the state of Kansas and each vending machine distributor shall obtain a license as provided by this act.  A separate application, license and fee is required for each dealer establishment owned or operated by a dealer.  A vending machine operator is required to obtain a vending machine operator's master license and, in addition, a separate permit for each vending machine operated by the operator.  A vending machine operator may submit one application for the vending machine operator's master license and all permits for vending machines operated by the operator.  The license shall be displayed in the dealer establishment and the vending machine permit shall remain securely and visibly attached to the vending machine and contain such information as the director may require.  Any vending machine found without such permit attached to the machine shall be sealed by an agent of the director and such seal shall be removed only by an agent of the director after payment of the permit fee and the penalties provided by this act.
(b) The application for a vending machine operator's master license and vending machine permits shall list the brand name and serial number of each machine and such other information as required by the director.  Except in accordance with proper judicial order or as otherwise provided by law, it shall be unlawful for any officer or employee of the division to divulge or make known in any way the location of any vending machine to any person not an officer or employee of the division, except that such information may be divulged to any law enforcement officer for use in the officer's official duties.  Any officer or employee revealing any such location in violation of this provision, in addition to the penalties otherwise provided in this act, shall be dismissed from office.
(c) A vending machine operator, in the course of business as a vending machine operator, may dispose of or sell vending machines without securing a license to sell vending machines.  The vending machine operator may move vending machines from one location to another and, if a vending machine becomes inoperative or is disposed of, the permit for such machine may be transferred to another machine.  A vending machine operator, within 10 days, shall notify the director of the brand name and serial number of vending machines that become inoperative or that the operator disposes of, sells, acquires or brings into service in this state as additional machines.
(d) The key to the lower or storage compartment of a vending machine shall remain only in the possession of the vending machine operator or the operator's authorized agent.  All services connected with the operation of a vending machine shall be performed by the vending machine operator or the operator's authorized agent.  All vending machines shall be subject to inspection by the director or the director's authorized agents.  No permit shall be issued for a vending machine unless it is constructed so that at least one package of each vertical column of cigarettes located therein is visible showing tax indicia.
(e) All vending machines operated on military installations shall have a permit affixed to the machines and the cigarettes shall show tax indicia of the Kansas tax.
(f) On or before the 10th day of each month, each vending machine distributor shall report to the director, on forms provided by the director, all sales of cigarette vending machines by the distributor to persons in the state of Kansas during the preceding month;  the name and address of the purchaser;  and the brand name, serial number and sale price of the machines.
(g) Concurrently with a change in ownership of a dealer establishment the license applicable to the establishment is void and shall be surrendered to the director and shall not be transferred.  On removal of a dealer establishment from one location to another, the owner of the establishment shall notify the director and surrender the owner's license.  The director shall issue a new license for the unexpired term of the surrendered license on payment of a fee of $2.  If a dealer's license is lost, stolen or destroyed, the director may issue a new license on proof of loss, theft or destruction, at a cost of $2.  The director shall remit all moneys received under this subsection to the state treasurer in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 75-4215 , and amendments thereto.  Upon receipt of each such remittance, the state treasurer shall deposit the entire amount in the state treasury to the credit of the state general fund.

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