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149.035. Wholesaler's license required, fee--first sale of tobacco products, application for license--revocation, suspension or refusal to issue, when--review

1. Every wholesaler of cigarettes or tobacco products in this state, as a condition of carrying on such business, shall annually, on or before February fifteenth of each year, secure from the director a written license, and shall pay therefor an annual fee of one hundred dollars for the twelve-month period beginning February fifteenth of each year.  The license, application for which may be made on forms prescribed and furnished by the director, shall be kept on public display in the wholesaler's place of business at all times.  The license shall not be assignable or transferable.  The director shall refuse a license to any wholesaler of cigarettes or tobacco products from another state if that wholesaler's state refuses to license wholesalers of cigarettes or tobacco products from Missouri.
2. Every person making a first sale of tobacco products in the state of Missouri who does not have a wholesaler license as required by this section shall make application for a tobacco products license on forms prescribed by the director of revenue.  Such person shall, as a condition of acquiring such license, file an instrument which may be a cash or surety bond, letter of credit, or other instrument approved by the director which shall be in the amount of three times the average tax liability, estimated in the case of a new applicant.  At such time as the director of revenue shall deem the amount of a bond insufficient to cover the liability, he may require the bond to be adjusted to the level satisfactory to the director which shall cover the amount of such liability.  Minimum bond shall be five hundred dollars.  A tobacco products license shall not be used as a substitute or in place of a cigarette wholesale license.
3. At such time as the director shall have reason to believe that any person has violated any provisions of this chapter or any rules and regulations issued pursuant to such provisions, the director shall refuse to issue or shall revoke or suspend any license issued hereunder for such a period of time not to exceed one year.  The person involved may seek review of the decision of the director of revenue by the administrative hearing commission.

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