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149.041. Records to be kept--reports to be filed by wholesaler

1. Every manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer subject to the provisions of the tax levied hereunder shall keep in Missouri accurate records covering the business carried on and shall for three years, and more if so required by the director, keep and preserve all invoices, showing all purchases and sales of cigarettes;  and such invoices and stock of cigarettes shall at all times be subject to the examination and inspection of any legally authorized agent or representative of the director.  Every wholesaler operating in the state of Missouri, whose main warehouse or headquarters is in another state shall keep all records of all cigarette transactions made by him at his place of business in Missouri, or at a designated place in the state of Missouri.  Every manufacturer located or doing business in this state shall keep written records of all shipments of cigarettes, whether or not they are made from his plants in this state, to consignees   1 located or doing business in this state, regardless of the fact that the cigarettes may have been sold by the shipper to a person other than the consignee   2 or may have been shipped for the account of some other vendor.
2. Every wholesaler receiving unstamped cigarettes shall file a report with the director on or before the twentieth day of each month covering the previous calendar month, on forms prescribed and furnished by the director, disclosing the beginning and closing inventory of unstamped cigarettes, the beginning and closing inventory of stamped cigarettes, the beginning and closing inventory of cigarette stamps, the number and denomination of cigarette stamps affixed to packages of cigarettes, the beginning and closing inventory of meter machine units, the number of meter units purchased and affixed during the month, and all purchases of cigarettes by showing the invoice number, name and address of the consignee   2 or seller, the date, and the number of cigarettes purchased, and such other information as may be required by the director.
3. Any wholesaler who refuses any shipment or part of a shipment of unstamped cigarettes or has a shortage in the shipment of cigarettes consigned to him shall, in the monthly report next following the refusal or shortage, report to the director the number of packages or cartons of cigarettes refused or short and the name of the carrier from whom the cigarettes were refused or shortage occurred.

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