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ARTICLE 5. Seizure and Sale

(Article 5 added by Stats. 2003, Ch. 890, Sec. 11.)

30355. Whenever any person is delinquent in the payment of the obligations imposed under this part, the board or its authorized representative may seize any property, real or personal, subject to the lien of the tax and thereafter sell the property, or a sufficient part of it, at public auction to pay the tax due together with any interest and penalties imposed for the delinquency and any costs incurred on account of the seizure and sale.

30356. .Notice of the sale and the time and place thereof shall be given in writing at least 20 days before the date set for the sale to the delinquent person and to all persons who have an interest of record in the property seized. The notice shall be personally served or enclosed in an envelope addressed to the person at his or her last known residence or place of business in this state. If not personally served, the notice shall be deposited in the United States mail, postage prepaid. The notice shall be published pursuant to Section 6063 of the Government Code, in a newspaper of general circulation published in the city in which the property or a part thereof is situated if any part thereof is situated in a city or, if not, in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county in which the property or a part thereof is located. Notice shall also be posted in both of the following manners:
(a) One public place in the city in which the interest in property is to be sold if it is to be sold in a city or, if not to be sold in a city, one public place in the county in which the interest in the property is to be sold.
(b) One conspicuous place on the property. The notice shall contain a description of the property to be sold, a statement of the amount due, including tax, penalties, interest, and costs, the name of the person, and the further statement that unless the amount is paid on or before the time fixed in the notice of sale, the property, or so much of it as may be necessary, will be sold in accordance with law and the notice.

30357. At any sale the board or its authorized agent shall sell the property in accordance with the law and the notice and shall deliver to the purchaser a bill of sale for the personal property and a deed for any real property sold. The bill of sale or deed vests title in the purchaser. The unsold portion of any property seized may be left at the place of sale at the risk of the taxpayer.

30358. If upon any sale the moneys received exceed the amount due to the state from the taxpayer, the board shall return the excess to the taxpayer and obtain his or her receipt. If any person having an interest in or lien upon the property files with the board prior to the sale notice of his or her interest or lien, the board shall withhold payment of any excess pending a determination of the rights of the respective parties to the excess moneys by a court of competent jurisdiction. If for any reason the receipt of the taxpayer is not available, the board shall deposit the excess moneys with the Controller, as trustee for the taxpayer, his or her heirs, successors, or assigns.

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