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Supplies provided to department; expenses deducted from collected taxes.

There shall be provided for the use of the Department of Revenue "revenue stamps," and such blanks, forms, reports, receipts and any and all other things which may be necessary for the proper administration of this article.

Such amount of money as shall be appropriated for each fiscal year by the Legislature to the Department of Revenue with which to pay the salaries, the cost of operation and the management of the said department shall be deducted, as a first charge thereon, from the taxes collected under and pursuant to Section 40-25-2; provided, that the expenditure of said sum so appropriated shall be budgeted and allotted pursuant to Article 4 of Chapter 4 of Title 41, and limited to the amount appropriated to defray the expenses of operating said department for each fiscal year.

(Acts 1951, No. 844, p. 1475.)

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